Blogger Julia said...

Would you please not post your religious junk on my blog? I have no interest in your silly need to have a higher power. I hope one day you will realize that you are simply being brainwashed and taken advantage of because you are gullible and cannot accept the fact that THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE. I would dearly love it if you would please quit lying to yourself and others on my blog; what you do on yours is your business. By the way, how can you judge other human beings through little 'quizzes'? I thought that was your god's job, yet you seem to enjoy deifying yourself into that position. How dare you tell me I'm 'damned' or I'm 'going to hell'? Wouldn't this jesus guy have disapproved of your rude and unmannerly behavior? After all, even he socialized with prostitutes, adultresses, tax collectors... all kinds of disreputable people. I think he would want you to consider your own sins of pride and lack of simple human charity before you judge others based solely upon their religion, regardless of how moral a life they lead. Did you ever think maybe someone who is kind, moral, and hardworking might have a better chance than someone who believes in the Christian go, yet lives a life of complete sin? Think about that, and quit spreading your hatred to people who do not welcome it. I truly hope someday you will wake up. Fuck gods, fuck the bible, and fuck you.

Blogger Tiffany's Journal said...

I didn't take your test. I'm totally secure, confident, and humble regarding my faith, my life, and my death.

What's your point? Seems a little dark... If you're trying to spread light, you may want to try a more welcoming approach. If you're into darkness... well... not my thing but I'm sure you'll find an audience.

Blogger wanderer said...

I'm with Julia. Also, you're an idiot, and your test is the stupidest stupid thing I have ever seen.

Blogger nongirlfriend said...

Christ, what a stupid test. Now I can go on the internet and click a few radio buttons to find out if I'm doomed to eternal damnation or to walk on streets of gold?

Have fun surfing for sinning bloggers. But remember, he/she who is without sin cast the first stone...

Blogger bree said...

the only sin that sends anyone into hell is that of denying Christ as your savior...the rest are covered ;)

Blogger dale said...

Keep your idiotic hallcuinations to yourself, and off my blog. Cretin.

Aren't there some really bad books you need to go read about the rapture called "left behind", you miserable fool?

Blogger Laura said...

wow, you got a lot of comments. I didn't even take your quiz. it's bullshit. stop antagonizing my good friends with your idiotic belief system. thank you.

Blogger Julianne! said...

Okay so I am a Christian and fully believe in heaven and hell. However, when I took that quiz it did seem to focus on works more than Christ's salvation. I know that I'm not worthy of God's grace but even so I am not going to hell because I have accepted Christ's gift of salvation. However, that wasn't an option.

I also do not feel that this is the best approach to draw people to Christ. It's very heavy on fire and brimstone and kind of low on the freedom found in Christ.

Blogger Leslie said...

So what cult are you having us join? I didn't quite get that, sorry.

Anyhoo, I will not join your cult. I'm a Presbyterian.

Oh, and you forgot God's 11th commandment: Thou shalt not judge people and tell them they're going to hell by making them take a stupid quiz. I'm going to Heaven no matter what, and you can't stop me!

Blogger SDSU Bandie said...

Who are you and how did you find my blog address??? by the way... the test sucks because "our god is a god of second chances" (from the veggietales movie) and we can ask for forgiveness

Blogger wise donkey said...

I respect your blog,and I did take the test.

What is important to me is not whether I go to heaven, but whether, due to my actions, I can make the others feel they are in heaven.

With best wishes and warm regards.

Blogger @$#!$# said...

Test taken...and I'm on my way to hell sweet hell...

just becoz i am of a different faith.

thanx dude.

Blogger Michelle said...

I wonder how many potential Christians you have driven away. You have further reinforced the idea that Christianity is a message of fear. I wish that you would take a more loving approach.

A fellow Christian.

Blogger NegEx said...

People, you need to stop posting reasonable comments here; you're obviously not going to get a reasonable response . . . should you get one at all.

I'm sorry to have contributed to what should have been met with a resounding silence.

Good day.

Blogger @$#!$# said...

Hi Ron

At your request I took the test again...

And I am still going to hell coz:

1. 3. Have you gone to church regularly? No....I am of a different belief...though i have been to a church.

2. 6. Have you made it a practice to read the Bible regularly? No...Same as above again. Though I have read it and find it a good learning place.

3. 8. Have you ever broken the first Commandment? Obviously have. I believe that there is only one GOD. And thats no one in particular. Its everyone.

Buddy if you believe that by taking this questionnaire you'd decide whether ir not u'll go to heaven or hell, let me tell you i'd rather live my life....give the world my best...and bow out one day.

I'd rather worry about how I can make the world I 'm living now heaven...

Blogger slideshow said...

i seriously thought it was a joke;but in the case that you were being serious,i strongly suggest you keep your pompus self righteous indignation to yourself. not everybody believes the way you do and for someone who probably supports the war in Iraq you should think twice before imposing your beliefs on people. you come onto my blog and talk your shit? fuck no! the purpose of the gospel was to evangelize to those who would listen,as far as i've read nobody is listening to your silly ass, if someone asks you for guidance by all means make yourself at home but dont show up like some big brother trying to save the world with your arrogant bullshit. I would love to tell you to FUCK OFF just like Julia did, but she did such a good job at it why dont you go ahead and re-read it on my behalf.

Blogger Unkown said...

Thank you for sharing your page with me. Ihope others can read the bible and take from it that the Lord is coming , and yes, they should make sure that if today is the day they must go, are they ready?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is blanking stupid. Accepting Christ in your life is the only test needed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck you Ben I fucking hate you. EVERY BODY: Pay no attention to this website, the guy who made it is a Fucking PHONY! did you hear me? He's a big fat PHONY!!

To all those who were actually moved by this, I'm sorry.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well . . . if this test proves I'm going to Hell, then I'm going to have plenty of company.

Blogger Priestess Karen said...

Nice title there Ron. Very, uh optimistic. Do not post on my blog please. I know more about God than you and your 'church' ever will. The first commandment doesn't say there isn't any other god. Your Christianity is a newbie compared to other religions. Just mind your own business.

Anonymous your god said...

If you ever post on my blog again, you will die today.

Blogger ME said...

Hello i think it is great u r trying to convince people to become christians. Keep it up but dont force them. Talk to them about it a let them make their own final desicion. i read the most recent comment and i can tell that your trying. God bless you.

Blogger Newton of Psychology said...

Oh my GOD! the counter is at 382 people dead since I opened your site! I'm killing people who are going to hell!!! AHHHHH SATAN IS COMMING!! OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO help me get to heaven!

Blogger Linda61 said...

I'm not religious, I don't believe in any god or heaven or hell. Even if there was a heaven, I pass thank you. If all the idiots who think they're so 'good' go to heaven I rather don't go there. The ones yelling how christian they are, seem to be in jail a lot, or kill other people who say they have an other opinion or call it war. But, sorry to say, it doesn't exist. Actually, I think it pathetic that in 2005 people still think there's a god. Wake up, live your life and die after. That's it. Thank god.

Blogger Linda61 said...

Oh and I don't believe in Christ either. Hardly doubt he ever existed in the way he did, and btw, knowing where he should have lived, the guy wasn't white. Ohhh shock huh? I don't read the bible, the thing wouldn't be allowed in my house. I never went to church and I never will. Uhm, more? No one is allowed to pray in my house, if they want to they can do that outside. Am I burning already? Nope nothing happened yet. Oh you know what is the most terrible thing people can say? F.i. americans who survived the Tsunami? They said: "I'm so grateful to god i'm still alive". That same god you pray to didn't think twice to let hundreds of children die. Nice god that god of yours. No thanks, I pass.

Blogger Linda61 said...

Bwahahahaaaaa, I just took a peek at those idiotic questions. No. one, did you ever tell a lie? You'll be a liar yourself if you say no. Ever had lust thoughts? Sure, everybody has, it's natural, so that's two. LOL. You go to hell to buddy. LOLOL. Oh I curse everyday.Heheheh. This is fun. Wow, so many people died already during my typing. Dubedubedu. Yup again a few. Bwhahahaahahaa.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger Maria said...

I didn't take the test but I id find some welcome relief from that exceedingly dull The Poland Diaries where I linked to you. Dear God, how did that girl make it to 'Blogs of Note'. Sooooo dull. She will definately get into heaven.
One thing I noticed via the reading of the comments within this thread, is that the people who use foul language are most likely quite stupid. Stupid people should die young.

Blogger 3sumblondes said...

Ur website kinda freaks me out............nice quizzes though.

Blogger Teaparty said...

Wow. Some people can be really cruel. I didn't take the test, feel no need too. I am very comfortable where I am at.

I guess that means I'm supposed to hurl vile insults at the blog host for putting the link in my comment section.

Sorry to disapoint. Anyone who would do that is not comfortable with what they believe.

Good luck with the blog. Good luck on your quest.

Blogger Mr. Duquette said...

OMG!! I'm not going to make it into heaven!!!11

Stop spamming, asshat.

Blogger A Hermit said...

Jesus ate with the poor, with the lepers and prostitutes; he shunned the rich and powerful.

Christians in America today are the modern equivalent of the Pharisees who were the subject of so much of Christ's contempt. You stand on the streetcorners and pray loudly so all can see, instead of shutting your doors and praying in private where God will hear you.

You snakes, you viper's brood...

Blogger ~Shibby~ said...

I'm sorry, but I don't appreciate your condecending God-speak. I believe in God and I know he loves me and that's all that matters to me. You can't honestly say that you haven't sinned in your life. Everyone has! But I pray and I believe. That's a lot more than most people do.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Start use the brains you have in your head, you don't need religion for that. I still can't believe people don't see what religion does around the world. Every war is about religion. Even the people saying how Christian they are look down on people who say they aren't. See? That's how it starts. No religion for me, never. The bible is just a book written by people long time ago. Times has changed. This is 2005, stop hiding behind your religion, that's so easy. Everything that happens is the will of god, how easy is that? Oh and I don't hate Christ (I don't even believe he existed) but I feel sorry for him. He's used by a lot of you.

Blogger schmims said...

Your test is not quite that accurate. I have broken a commandment or two in my life. And when asked if I was thougth I was going to heaven or hell, I clicked on heaven. I was given a response of 'incorrect'. Entrance into heaven isn't based on how good you are. Otherwise there would be no reason for God's son to die on the cross. The righteous don't need to be save. Christ died for sinner such as I. No matter how much I try and believe me I do, I can never live up to God's standards. I'm just not good enough. I need Christ. The more I know God, the more I see myself as a sinner.

Blogger Teenage Lolita said...

hell thats where i wld be going

Anonymous mulefly said...

If I pass the quiz, will I get a notarized certificate or something? If so, should it be stapled to my chest? You know, in case of emergency.

Does god give extra credit points? I mean, if I do some extra special stuff will I get a better room with a view in heaven? I'm pretty good at being dark and deranged, I'm sure it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for me to be a fear monger, like you, if that's what'll get me tight with the lord.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this web site makes me sad. I am a born againg believer and i know, that i know , that i know that God is real, that he is good and that when i die i will go to be in heaven. The way to wins souls to Christ is not to scare them, but give them hope. We live in a world where everyone has fallen pitifully short of the holiness of God. And yes, he is good, and he does allow bad to happen, but in the end He works all things together for good, even if we as sinful creatures fail to see the results, except for the here and now, and not the results for eternity. Although many people died on Sept. 11 and the Tsunami's God allowed the wrong and evil to occur, so that our nation would draw closer to him, and so many people would accept him as their personal lord and savior, and many did! And now they have a purpose in life, and you who are reading this can too!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you've probably never heard this before (yeah, right) but you are a MORON. Keep your sick, twisted lies to yourself.
If there were a hell, it would be filled with idiots like you.

Blogger PPB said...

I will pray for you. You sure are in need of it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For christ's sake- you're such a testicle.

SATAN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger MYSTERY MACHINE said...

There is no such thing as hell...and I'm a better person than half the Christians I know.

Blogger gringo said...

Does "judge not lest ye be judged" mean anything to you?

Or was this blogged by your god, the only one I thought had any authority (under your spiritual paradigm) to pass judgment upon my life?

Blogger Wirthy said...

I just took the test and, crap, I'm going to hell. It's ok, though. That's where all my friends will be.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK..... Yes i do agree with you that it does say those things in the Bible but we are all sinners (Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God)and we have all committed more sins then we know. I know that i am so guilty and that i should not be even near the gates of heaven but God says that he forgives us and the biggest verse in the Bible states this..."For GOD so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son and WHO so ever BELIEVES in him SHALL NOT PERISH but have ever lasting life" Jesus came to us and died for us and if we believe in him then the blood that he shed was for our sins because God loved you and i so very much and if you do believe that Jesus did die for our sins and that he rose again then you are saved.

Yours Truly,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a strange version of God that he would send someone to eternal damnation and suffering for saying bad words. Or saying something bad and then not remembering or knowing to say the right thing later. I would never do so and God is thousands of times better than I. I hope this version of how things are is not true. If I forgive without being asked to forgive why can't God? Perhaps this is the right way to think about it but if so, then I am confused where God's love comes in.

Blogger RK said...

If you are confused, please read the answers after the quiz...that is the best part, there IS a way and God does NOT want you to go to hell. Read to the end!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

absolute and complete twaddle. You people are deluded. There is no god - look around you. The bible is just a bunch of silly stories. You people need to go back to the stone age.

Blogger Adrienne said...

I took that quiz on your blog. If every person answered each question truly then of course we all would and are going to hell. We are all with sin. But I have accepted Him in my heart and I know that He forgives and throws my sins as far as the east is from the west. You cannot take a quiz to determine whether or not you are going to heaven or hell. Ultimately, if you accept Christ as your Savior, He forgives you and your name is written in the Lambs book for eternity. I think the quiz you have on here will just push people away. It seems as if it already has. Please reconsider and delete it.

Anonymous dveej said...

LOOK OUT!!!!!!!

If you don't conform to MY STANDARDS, then my all-loving God will CAST YOU INTO A FLAMING PIT OF HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY!

..because he loves you.

So do what I say that he says OR ELSE!!!!!

Blogger david said...

You complete and utter idiot. Don't go spamming the blogs of good people and clogging up the internet with your god-porn. If I believed in Heaven & Hell, you'd surely be on the way to the hot spot for being such a useless idiot who seems to have nothing better to do than try to "save" the souls of people who (a) didn't ask to be saved, (b) don't need to be saved, and (c) think that you're an absolute moron.

Anonymous Jill said...

Wow..now I know how to piss off a bunch of ppl...Tell them they're going to hell.
I can't blame them. I'm pagan myself. I mean you're telling these ppl that they will burn for eternity. That isn't a good thing. Oh well...good thing I don't believe in any such place. Good luck to you, and I hope you learn how to better communicate with the public.

Blogger saby said...

heyyyyy RK,
i didnt take yr test either
i dont need yr quiz to tell me dat God loves me
God loves all

more so sinners and
God has no preferred religion

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to talk to everyone... first of all whether you believe in God or don't believe in him it doesn't matter cause you still have a religion so don't say you don't... saying "I don't have a religion cause I don't believe in anything" is stupid cause thats a belief... second it is true that lots of people say that they are "Christian" but are really stupid and act badly, if you know one then they aren't a Christian just like if you said you are a cat.... third the meaning of "Christian" is in the word "Christ" so being a "Christian" is to be like Christ... fourth I'm sorry that you aren't going to heaven, but that's your choice... fifth don't tell this guy to be quiet about saying what he thinks when you your self are telling him what you think, and don't tell him to obey the "judge not lest ye be judged" if you are judging him. you can't ask someone to do something that your not doing, thats hypocritical... sixth it is true that alot of Christians are like the pharasees (or however you spell that) and preach and pray outloud, but that is just proof that "THEY" are not Christians... seventh many people do feel that the Bible is not true, but let me ask you something, why would a person (let alone tons of people) write a book unless they had a purpose for writing it and believed it?? and why would a whole bunch of people not only write a book but die for it if they didn't believe it was true and is true?? don't you think that's proof that the Bible is maybe even possibly true?? Oh, and another thing everything that has been writen in that so called lying peice of literature (as you call it) that have been predicted or said have come true, except for the last day when Jesus Christ comes back... eight it is true that the test is not the best way for reaching people, and is not totally true but that doesn't mean that there is a little bit of truth in it... ninth to the person who said they hated our President, I'm sorry that you feel that way about a Guy who has helped us through problems socially, internationally, and politically... tenth thankyou RK for being brave enough to be blunt and tell them what you think... eleventh I'm sorry you had to hear all of this from me, and yes I do believe in Christ and consider my self far from becoming like Him but I'm working at it...

Good day (or depending on where you are in the earth ) Good night

Anonymous heather. said...

hey i think this is an awesome idea! god is such a huge part in a lot of people's lifes and im glad to see his grace is being spread in such a creative way.. thank you for your comment on my blog. god bless all of you.

Blogger Shaquille said...

man this is some stupid shit. that quiz is rigged to where no one can pass it, since according to some obscure passage in that retarded book of yours, it turns out that everyone has broken the 1st commandment and if you say you havent you've also committed the sin of lying. i just want to say that you suck, i hate you, god hates you, dwyane wade hates you, even satan hates you. now if you'll excuse me i have to go practice my free throws. oh, and coach stan hates you too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion but why don't you have another counter showing the number of people born since we opened this page? It is my belief that people who don't reach enlightenment in this life are recycled back into life in a different concsiousness, again and again until they get it right. That strikes me as a pretty good definition of hell. Let's see the "rebirth" counter...

Blogger The Yeti said...

you guys all sucks....death is inevitible...why be affraid.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi.....I actually took your quiz this time. That's really cool...in a weird kind of way.....i didn't know saying oh my god would ever be so bad.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hell is right in this world, RN, because good people have no choice but to live in the same world as idiots like you and your President.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im so sorry that you are feeling this way. I wish I could sit down and talk with you. You are one of those people who intriuge me into discovering what I truly believe about God and the nature of us going into heaven. I don't want to condem you for what you are saying but I have to admit I am not a believer that God brings you to heaven if you are a "good" person it is based upon your acceptance that Jesus is Lord and Savior and you believe his Son rose from the dead and that he did all this with each and everyone of us in mind. I wish there was no conflict and confrontation with this issue, but I feel I should tell you my opinion. Flat out, in my mind, I believe you are spreading a false testament of us "believers" by accusing God of such a horrible thing. I am praying for you and all that are reading or whatever on this blog. I pray God will open each person's eyes and that you will be able to feel what I have that God has given me! IT is awesome! I want everyone to kno him! You included! Call me what you want, but this is what I believe...Stated for all to read.
God Bless!

Blogger RK said...

I think Christians are the worst about "saying" they have taken the complete test on this site...when they truthfully have not. It is obvious by 98% of the comments that you are not finishing the "test".

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is stupid only God is to jugde a person! NOT YOU!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a funny test!! I scored a big fat going to hell no return ticket lol

Anyway its a pretty miff site, counting the people that die since u opened it! lol Man some people have reall issues! Anyway this whole religion thing is way over board!I must admit the lake of fire thing does sound kinda cool :D Imagine if we were shit scared about all the religious bullshit teachings out there, I dont think people would open their eyes never mind leaving their houses in fear of upsetting their god(notice small "g") :D I hope all of u reliogious fanatics out there do have your eyes opened 1 day so that you can live a free and true fear free life, the way the real life creator of this universe intented!

I will burp a prayer for all of u :D LOL

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger kiss me said...

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Blogger Hank Akin said...

Yes Jesus did go to the down and out in society, He came to die for them, and you.
I don't judge you, but some day you will stand before Christ and have to give an answer for what you did with Him. Christ said that Hell was made for the devil and his angels, if you go there it will be as a trespasser.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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